Who are my cleaners? How do we find the best cleaners near you

How to find the best cleaners near me? Even though nobody ask this question out loud, this is an answer that most look for. Some people use Google, some Facebook, and some ask for referrals. To be honest, all 3 options are great, and we’ll even list a few ways to find good reliable cleaners.

But this article is about how does Make it Clean find cleaners for you, and what process do we have to ensure we do our best to hire the best people for you.

It is all about personality

First of all, we understand that is all about personality. We need to prioritize your needs, problems, and concerns, and after years of house cleaning in Brisbane and now offering cleaning services in Adelaide, we understand that most people look for someone they can trust.

Pretty easy right? But to be more clear, we understand that people look for a good and trusting relationship with the cleaner, not only with the company. After all, the cleaner is the one that is going to be inside your home, sometimes when you’re not there.

That’s why we look for character, and then for skill. We believe that anyone can learn anything, as long they are willing to do so.

And to be able to learn the traits that made our best cleaners, we have Sara, our new recruiter with years of experience in multiple industries, to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and then how to see those characteristics on our team.

After that, we go for the second, but not less important aspect: how much do they want to work.

Run the extra mile

Everyone that talk to us about being part of Make it Clean listen to the same story: how to run the extra mile can change our life. And we talk to every single one of them to get to know about their lives, their passions, what drives them to be here.

As you probably already know, most of our cleaners are students in Australia, coming from South America and Europe. So their reason to be here change their approach towards work. And consequently their will to deliver a good service.

The training

After filtering our future staff, we like to train them ourselves. Not only to show the different fancy eco-friendly products, but for them to understand the level of detail that we require.

In our training, we’re working to deliver in 2 levels: in-person and online. Once we finish the training, our team will go through an online training with some videos and questions to ensure they understand the tasks and level of detail you expect from them.

I know, it is a little bit redundant, but all systems that must not fail require redundancy. We show them two times everything they need to know.

Check our Facebook page to see some of our reviews!

Ps: if you’re a competitor and are reading this, you can thank me later. 😉

eco-friendly services for a truly clean home
eco-friendly services for a truly clean home

And now, our suggestion on…

how to find good cleaners near you:
  1. Google it
  2. Facebook Local Groups
  3. Facebook Search
  4. Directory Websites, like HiPages and Yellow Pages.

It is amazing what Google and Facebook can do for you these days. And a page on this websites shows that the cleaners you’re seeing are really serious about their work.

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