We are all about sustainable cleaning. And we feel safe in our homes. It’s our four-wall abode, a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. However, we shouldn’t be deceived. Why let our guards down when it comes to wellbeing and respiratory health just because we’re indoors?

natural air purification


In fact, research shows we should be MORE cautious. According to the EPA, indoor pollutant concentration is 2 to 5 times higher than outside. Since we’re using an ever-increasing amount of synthetic products in our self-care routines, furnishings, household cleaners, and much more – none of it can escape.


So, what can we do to ensure that our home’s air quality is in tip-top condition for the benefit of ourselves and our families? Read below to find out.


Natural Ventilation 


Of course, you already know all about opening a window or two here and there but did you know there are other ventilation-friendly actions you can take? Consider installing some anti-draught vents in your home’s walls if possible. If you’ve already got enough vents – clean their air ducts. You’d be surprised at the gunk from our home’s air that piles up – it’s time to get rid of it.


For the modern, minimalistic house, trickle vents might be the best way to get some fresh air. They hide away above windows or discretely in a corner and suck in clean air while filtering out the bad stuff. Installation of trickle vents is relatively cheap, so don’t be afraid to make the leap! They’ll clear your lungs without clearing your budget (or ruining your décor!)


house plants for air purification


Plants are nature’s air purifiers. They’re not only our primary oxygen producer, but they’re also capable of “synching” harmful pollutants, irritants, and other noxious compounds. 

In short, plants feed off part of the air that’s bad for us while churning out fresh air. What more could you want?

So, make some room on your shelves for some house plants. Who knows,  they may also give your home a décor makeover.



salt lamp for air purification

Salt lamps 

Long believed to be a fad, salt lamps have shown that they’re here to stay. And for a good reason. Research has shown that salt lamps can neutralize harmful compounds in the air by ionizing (splitting) them into their more lung-friendly components.

Plus, they just look good. So, why not install a salt lamp into every bedroom in the house? They can even work as nightlights for kids. Himalayan salt lamps can give a room and new lease on life and boost the mood of a room through improving air quality alone.



essential oils for air purificationEssential Oils (check our full guide about this!)

Essential oils are powerful. Their liquid is often 99% active compound, which means there’s a lot going on. So, pretty much any essential oil from lavender to citrus would have positive benefits for your home’s air. But, if you really want to be on top of the essential oil game, pour a few drops of Thieves’ oil into your diffuser. Doing this will bring a blanket of constant air freshener into your home – perfect for those days when you can’t or don’t want to open the windows.

Experts also point towards Eucalyptus oils as an effective, high-quality air disinfectant. 




Beeswax candles 


Parrafin is so last decade. Made from petroleum and other potentially harmful substances, burning it inside our homes seems counter-intuitive. On the other hand, beeswax candles are entirely natural and known for purifying the air around them. Better yet, they burn slowly, so they won’t need replacing as often as traditional candles.


Activated charcoal


Activated charcoal absorbs and absorbs. Otherwise known as active charcoal, it earns its name by actively hoovering harmful irritants and pollutants indiscriminately from its surroundings. 


No shoes 


Throughout the day, dust, dirt, and other such debris will become attached to your shoes. While it may not be immediately visible – it’s there. So, it’s best to leave your shoes at the door rather than trodding around the house, leaving pollutant trails in your wake.


Invest in a good vacuum (and grooming!)


A powerful vacuum can be the difference between coughing and easy-breathing. We often neglect to think about what mites or dust bunnies might be crawling around on our floors, but they’re there. And a good hoover can help you to rid your house of them.


Moreover, pets can be one of the biggest pollutants in the home. While their presence can be great for boosting kid’s immune systems and raising overall joy in the house, it can’t be denied that they’re messy.


They shed, and their paws carry in dirt from outside. So, as a precautionary measure, you should groom your dog regularly. One brush down a day should suffice to pick up those straggling furs. However, your powerful hoover should come into action and pick up the pieces that your brush can’t!


Fewer carpets 


Carpets hoard dirt, dust, pollutants, and other things that we don’t want in our environment. They may look good, but on closer inspection, they’re dirt hoarders. So, perhaps it’s time to reevaluate your floor décor.


Fortunately, wood flooring is in. Well, it’s always in style, considering it’s a timeless floor covering choice that’s been used throughout history. Still, you’ll see it in Ikea catalogs now more than ever.


Tiles, linoleum, bamboo, and other such materials can also be used within the home. And not only can they be stylish, but they can also be incredibly eco-friendly. 


However, if you’re not quite ready to part ways with your beloved carpet, cleaning them regularly could be the alternative answer. There are a number of eco-friendly carpet stain and odor removers on the market that’ll spruce up your carpet for a sustainable cleaning without damaging air quality.


Use non-toxic cleaners 


Perchloroethylene is a known toxic air pollutant that’s found in most mainstream home cleaning agents. It’s harmful to bacteria and germs in our surroundings. However, it’s also equally noxious to our lungs. 


And it’s not without its similarly toxic friends. So, while we’re used to the attractive motto, “it kills 99.99% of germs,” it’s time we thought of what it’s doing to our wellbeing.


On the bright side, there are several sustainable cleaning products to help you sterilizing, and disinfecting agents can safely be used within the home. 


Final word


So, it turns out that being eco-friendly doesn’t mean you have to compromise on well-being or air purity. You can keep yourself and your family in tip-top shape by following a few of the above purchase or renovation tips. Most of them are lifelong buys or simple changes, so don’t worry. You can literally breathe easier knowing you’re causing no harm to the environment or others!

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