Professional House Cleaning Services

Clare O'Connor
Clare O'Connor
Very professional, high standard of cleaning, great communication. Would recommend.
Alison Braidwood
Alison Braidwood
Very professional and girls did an excellent clean. Fast and easy communication. We were very happy with Make It Clean!
Erin Dawson
Erin Dawson
I have used Make it Clean for a number of years, and they have always been reliable, responsive, and clean to a very high standard. Cleaning day is my favourite day of the week! They have also been flexible with working around my baby’s changing nap times.
Helen Martyn
Helen Martyn
Team were great, punctual and worked hard. Highly recommend
Danielle McDonald
Danielle McDonald
highly recommend, excellent customer service & hardworking team
Indira Thivy
Indira Thivy
I’ve had great difficulty with cleaning companies keeping to a schedule and being reliable. Making It Clean have been really flexible, responsive to feedback and have gone out of their way to obtain good results. Highly recommend ☺️
sandra davies
sandra davies
Very Happy !
Banu Ese
Banu Ese
Very professional and great business. They accept my booking in very quick time, I got very nice and good cleaners. Satisfied with their work and attitude. Will continue to use their service happily again. Thank you.

Our house cleaning service

Life gets easier and we have people we trust to help us. That’s why we provide regular house cleaning services using harmless products and trustworthy teams, and we have been helping customers around all Brisbane for the last 4 years to reduce their domestic tasks while improving the environment with highly trained and handpicked cleaners to take care of your house the way you like and deserve.


Why do our customers stay with us?

Before each member starts, they go through interviews where we get to know their history, goals, likes and dislikes. That’s when we figure out their personalities, ensuring each cleaner we hire will match our way: pet-friendly, running the extra mile and happy to deliver a good service. See it for yourself!

At the training, the cleaners learn how to accomplish each task, which is a result of years of experience in house cleaning in Brisbane, as well as the constant feedback we get from our customers.

Bed linen, detailed dusting, bathroom walls scrubbing, vacuum and mop… all to ensure we will always meet the expectations.

You can also set a list of tasks to be completed, and our teams will adapt to your needs.



dirty shower before make it clean house cleaning service

What is included in a basic house cleaning?


  • Kitchen: Counter tops cleaned, outside of range hood cleaned, top and front of range cleaned, drip pans/glass top surfaces wiped, sinks cleaned and chrome shined, fronts of all appliances cleaned, general dusting, cobwebs removed, microwave wiped out.
  • Bathrooms: Bathtub/showers scrubbed, tile walls, shower doors cleaned, cobwebs removed, dusting, floors cleaned, toilets cleaned, mirrors/chrome fixtures cleaned.
  • Bedrooms: Surfaces hand wiped, cobwebs removed, beds made, rubbish removed, and floors cleaned.
  • Common Areas: Surfaces hand wiped, cobwebs removed, doors and door frames spot cleaned, general dusting, floors cleaned.


The kitchen is the heart of your home. It doesn’t matter if it is a big or small area, because this is where you will get together and your body and spirit will be fed.

These tasks are probably the most important, as we not only keep it clean and free of insects (check out our post about how to get rid of cockroaches), but also is where your family meals are going to be prepared. With that in mind, we always use Eco-friendly and food safe products for wiping over the furniture of all houses keeping the well-being of your family in the first place.

At Make it Clean, we train the teams to remove all food crumbs and stains from the cooker, counter and sink, using a line of food safe environmental cleaning products. Also included in our weekly cleaning service, we give a special treatment to the aluminum appliances –  a final touch with a drop of olive oil makes wonders!


Bathrooms is where we shine! Mostly because the bathrooms require a lot of upkeep. Dust and mould, that is mainly found on the shower, are threats to people with respiratory problems.

That’s why we recommend a weekly domestic cleaning service, so the walls can be scrubbed often enough to prevent the growing of mould and give your bathrooms an outstanding look.

Beyond washing shower wall and removing mould from the bathroom, with the aid of our handpicked Eco-friendly products, we wipe over the basin and sanitize the toilet – inside and out. Every aspect designed to eliminate bacteria, viruses and pathogens.

Dust and rubbish

With an extra attention to detail and using natural cleaning products, we can guarantee a house free of dust and cobweb. Our teams are trained to deliver expert house cleaning services.

Our choice for eucalyptus oil and lemon-myrtle based products leave a incredible smell, while giving an extra polish to your wooden furniture.

Also, not only all the rubbish will be taken out, but we only use recycled or biodegradable plastic bag, sign of our commitment to sustainable living.


How good is to come home and see the difference after a vacuum well done? We can even feel the difference, right?

This is the feeling we are looking for when vacuuming. Leave the floor clean, and somehow give you the feeling of a clean and fresh home. That’s why all our teams use professional vacuum cleaners, frequently cleaned and thoroughly done, taking care of the floors, as well as the cobwebs.

A well done vacuum is the key for a spotless floor.


The final touch! Hot water, attention to detail and the best Eco-friendly floor cleaner in Australia are the reason you will be amazed with your floors.

We use Enzyme Wizard because it is suitable for marbles, natural stone, wooden and any type of materials. Consequently, we believe it is the perfect choice to high standard cleaning, for any cleaning company in Brisbane. We love it!

Made with natural enzymes that act on the dirt, hence it is one of our most reliable allied in the quest of being the best house cleaning services there is!