Window Cleaning

Who doesn’t like a clean and sparkling window, however, window cleaning is not as easy as it sounds; fingers prints, kids, dogs licking, and dust are just some examples that first come to my mind, and removing those marks can be a hard job.

There are many products that promise a perfect cleaned window result, but the truth is that it’s not going to be a professional cleaning, it demands much more than that. For instance, the right technique alongside a high quality of eco-friendly products and equipment are also important.

Here at Make it Clean we always ensure that all team members are trained and qualified to deliver a great service and a perfect cleaned window for either house cleaning and commercial cleaning.

Both house cleaning and commercial cleaning needs special attention when it comes to windows, coming home after a stressful day at work, or even during the home office, having your home nice and cleaned as a whole, not just the basic, but the windows as well, will bring you a feeling of sophistication, and that is what we always include in our regular cleaning service, take care of your home as a whole, and give attention to all details.

Window Cleaning is one of our strengths

When it comes to commercial cleaning, we all wanna give a good impression to our customers, and having a clean and sparkling work environment will help you to get trust from your clients.

I understand that most of the time we don’t give our windows such relevance, but there is a say that my grandmother used to say to me and today I’ll share it with you guys.

There was this couple where the wife used to complain to her husband how their neighbors had such dirty tea towels, as every time she sees it hanging outside to dry, even though it was washed, it still looks like it wasn’t, one day, her husband decided to clean the window, therefore, when his wife looked through the window and saw the towels she said to him, looked that honey, our neighbor finally learned how to wash her towels. And that’s how she always convinced me to wash her windows for her.

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