Pet Friendly teams

Pet Friendly teams

For us, domestic cleaning is not only about skills, but about personality. And we ensure we have professional, kind and pet friendly teams.

Make it Clean is a dream that came to life after years of experience in the cleaning industry – working as commercial cleaners, in schools, window cleaning and most frequently doing domestic cleaning in Brisbane. And with this, we have learnt that care about people is the most important trait of personality when delivering services and working with people.

And then we constantly research the best products cleaning products, from eco-friendly floor cleaners to window cleaners, vacuums and mop to filter and understand how to provide the best service and the best tools to make our cleaners lives easier.

All the changes made, tests and upgrades are approved by our directors and teams, so everyone is in sync to the mission of be always improving and always learning.

That’s how we come up with posts like “How to clean Marble and Natural Stone?“, “Cleaning with essential Oils [Home Clean]” and so on. They are result of our passion in delivering the best eco-friendly cleaning service in Brisbane. And now the best eco-friendly service in Adelaide. And soon in the whole Australia.

But how we know that our teams are pet friendly?

This is Roger:

Roger is our HR assistant, and he’s responsible for checking if our teams really are pet friendly. He is our 9 year old fat baby cat. He’s a lovely old cat that was adopted after being abused. Even though we struggled in the beginning, he is now a very kind and friendly boy. So if you don’t like him, you probably don’t like pets at all.

Check our Facebook and Instagram pages to see more about us and especially about Roger and his sister Bleach.

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