Mattress Cleaning – How to clean your mattress and how often?

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Cleaning is a practice, not a project, and happiness is the smell of a freshly cleaned house. According to health experts, you spend eight hours on your bed, and there is a need for you to keep a clean mattress just like the other places. 

It is advisable to clean your mattress twice a year or so. However, if your environment is likely to make your mattress dirty often, you should clean it at least three times. Nevertheless, you don’t have to do it yourself; you can call a professional. 

Why You Should Clean Your Mattress

The main reason for cleaning a mattress often is to reduce contaminants and bring fresh air. A clean mattress also goes a long way in improving sleep quality. Even though people fear cleaning mattresses because they are too big and spongy, cleaning is worth it. 

Here are more reasons why you should clean your mattress often:

To Prevent Odours

The spongy part of your mattress quickly absorbs pollutants which can bring a foul smell—the foul smell results from accumulated sweat, oils, and dust. There is a need to clean these pungent odours that can affect you at night when you sleep. You need to schedule deep cleaning once in a while to prevent bad odours. A cleaned mattress also increases air quality in the room, making your environment clean, fresh, and free from the stuffiness of a dirty mattress. 

Prevent Bacterial Growth

The sweat and the moisture from the oils dampen the mattress, which creates a damp environment that leads to high chances of fungi growing on your mattress. When on your bed, dead skin from your body also falls off. The mattress becomes a good breeding ground since this is what dust mites feed. The dampness from the sweat and the dead skin cells greatly encourage bacterial growth. Considering there are a lot of elements that can make your mattress dirty, steam cleaning could be your saviour. 

To Eradicate Bedbugs and Mites

Regular washing is effective in eradicating bedbugs and mites. Bedbugs live in your mattress, but they also spread all over the bedroom and to the entire house. Once this happens, eradicating them becomes a hassle. They will bite you and cause allergies as well as sleepless nights. 

To Remove Stains

Besides the bedbugs and mites, you will stain your mattress with different substances. Over time, the stains accumulate, degrading your mattress’s appearance. 

For these reasons, you can schedule with a professional to thoroughly remove all dirt particles and materials that may have stained underneath. 

How to Clean Your Mattress

Cleaning, proper sanitation, and organization of your house, room, and bed create a healthy environment for you, peace of mind, and an organized mindset. There are several ways to clean a mattress. You can use professional mattress cleaners, or you can do it yourself. Below are the proper steps on how a mattress needs to be cleaned. 


Dust mites, dead skin cells, and hair accumulate underneath a mattress that is not cleaned regularly. Vacuuming is done before cleaning to get rid of these elements. Start the vacuuming process by adding some upholstery attachment to your vacuum cleaner. Next, go through the entire surface of the mattress while paying special attention to areas with seams. Vacuuming makes the washing process easier as most dirt layers will be removed. 

Stain Removal

Stains from spilled drinks, food, etc., are common in mattresses, especially if not cleaned regularly. You do not have to soak your mattress to remove stains; you can quickly use the spot cleaning technique. This strategy requires you to use a stain remover depending on the kind of stain you are dealing with. 

You can use lemon, salt, or any other element to spot the stains. Start by spraying the stain remover on a piece of cloth, soaking up the stained area, and later use clean water and a clean piece of cloth until the spot is clean.


To deodorize your mattress, you can put it outside under the sun. The UV rays from the sun kill any bacteria that may have grown on the mattress and promote fresh air circulation. 

If this is not possible, you can sprinkle baking soda on the entire mattress and leave it for a whole day. The baking soda absorbs all the moisture and the odour leaving your mattress smelling fresh and clean. The longer you leave the baking soda, the fresher the mattress. If you use baking soda, you have to vacuum your mattress again to remove all the baking soda.

Dry Cleaning

It is a method used by professional mattress cleaners to deep clean your mattress without using any chemicals. This procedure eliminates all the bedbugs, dust mites, and dead skin cells accumulated on your mattress.

You can also hire a carpet machine at Bunnings and steam clean your mattress for a deeper clean.

Advantages of a Clean Mattress

Technically, a dirty mattress is home to millions of bacteria, alarming your overall health. There is a need to use a professional with the right disinfectants, deodorizers, and other cleaning products. You will notice that a clean mattress: 

  • Reduces the risk of allergies and itching
  • Increases the air quality
  • Increases the lifetime of your mattress
  • Improves your sleeping patterns 

After cleaning your mattress, you have to know ways of maintaining it in that state. You can achieve this by using protectors, most preferably the waterproof ones. They effectively protect your mattress from stains and prevent bacterial growth.

You can also make it regular to wash your beddings, that is, the sheets and blankets, to reduce the risk of allergies and bacteria build-up.


We understand that cleaning a mattress can be tiresome, especially if you are doing it yourself. Plus, sometimes you can lack enough time to clean a mattress thoroughly. 

Worry not; you can always hire any local cleaning company to do it for you. At Make it clean, we use eco-friendly products to remove all allergens and pollutants without causing any discoloration. Moreover, we ensure that the linens and the cushion of your mattress remain intact when cleaning. For professional cleaning services in Brisbane and Adelaide, get in touch with us today here at Make it clean

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