How to remove pee odor from floors

Urine stains and odor are common problems associated with owning pets. Every pet owner has to deal with this situation. It is important to sterilize properly when working on how to get the urine smell out of the carpet and floor. The longer the urine remains on the carpet, the harder it becomes hard to remove the smell. However, there are several ways to get rid of the pee odor from the carpet and floor. Let us look at how to remove pee odor from carpets and floors.

Use Enzyme based cleaners

Enzyme cleaners are cleaning products that break down stains with the help of their formulas. They are environmentally friendly and safe for human health compared to other products. Besides, the enzymes ensure that malodors are fully removed by leaving bacteria to work after the application. Some of the recommended enzymatic cleaner’s include: 

  •  Enzyme Wizard

Enzyme wizard is powerful in urine odor elimination.  It is also environmentally friendly.  This pee remover is ideal in removing odor and stains seeing that it does not leave a sickly chemical smell after use.

  • Trivona Nature’s Pet Stain & Odor Remover

Its formula can eliminate strong pee from pets such as cats. The cleaner is essential for cleaning hard floors and carpets.

  •  Rocco & Roxie Professional Stain & Odor Eliminator

Rocco and Roxie eliminator is effective in specific stains and odors. It is used in removing urine from rugs and carpets used on all kinds of surfaces.

  • Arm & Hammer Plus Oxi Clean Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator

Arm and Hammer instantly neutralize odors while Oxi Clean eliminates the stains. It is essential on upholstery and carpets. Besides, it can be used in oil and grease treatment.  Lastly, it has a spray bottle, thus making it easier to be used on all surfaces.

  • Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator 

 Angry Orange Cleaner is easy and ready to use. This is because it does not need to be mixed with anything before use. The cleaner obliterates the odor and leaves a sweet scent from the citrus fruit. It is also safe to be used on wood floors, carpets, tiles, and car interiors. You spray the affected area with the cleaner and wipe after 15 minutes.

  • The spruce Stain and Odor Remover in Fresh

The pee odor remover has a powerful enzyme formula free from chemicals. Its scent comes from blended neroli, orchid, and apples. Shake the cleaner and spray it on the affected surface.  Leave it to stay for about 15 minutes and wipe out. 

  • Sunny & Honey Pet Stains and Odor Miracle 

Sun and honey cleaner is non-toxic and features biodegradable qualities. It can be applied to all types of stains. Moreover, it has an overpowering mint scent that powers up the pee odor. The cleaner is mostly used on furniture, carpets, and rugs.

How to use enzymatic cleaners
  • Carefully remove any sold material available.
  • Smear more liquid as possible without rubbing it inside.
  • Apply accordingly to saturate the contaminated area. 
  • Keep it for about 30 minutes or two hours for better fouling.
  • Reapply if necessary once it has dried up.
  • The smell will disappear completely.
How to remove pee odor from carpets and floors with common products

Use of Baking Soda

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Baking soda neutralizes odors naturally. Sprinkle the powder around the wet area on the carpet and nuzzled. Wait for it to absorb completely, then vacuum it to remove the smell completely. 

Keep It Dry

Pee smells remain stronger when dumping and fresh. The carpet should be dried fully after cleaning them up. Let the carpet dry under the sun. Alternatively, you can use a fan or open windows to minimize urine smell by circulating fresh air. 

Wet Vacuuming

Carpets require strong cleaning to get rid of deep and overstayed stains. Hot water may not break the bonds of the stains hence makes it hard to eliminate the smell. Therefore, use cold water and add enzyme cleaner for good results. Allow it to dry completely after cleaning.

Remove Carpeting

When you have a sick pet, it can be hard to obliterate the smell. The best solution is to remove fabrics that might soak urine easily. This will help you to minimize workload. 

Use of Vodka

Vodka acts as a disinfectant. It has ethanol properties that destroy fungus and bacteria. This makes it a better way to eliminate urine odor from carpets.


Hydrogen peroxide works best for floors and carpets. The product is more oxidizing; therefore, it removes the ammonia smell from the urine.

 Trisodium phosphate

Trisodium phosphate is essential in removing bacteria and pee stains. Scrub the stained area with strong Trisodium phosphate. 

Oxidizing Agents

Oxidizing agents break down urine molecules; hence they are essential for removing urine smell. Although they work best, oxidizing agents can cause damage to some fabrics. Ensure you try the cleaner on an old piece of fabric to be sure. 

Orange-Oil Cleaner

Orange- oil cleaner contains antibacterial properties. These are essential in covering smell. They get rid of stains and odor, leaving the surfaces with a fresh smell.  The cleaner works best when it is combined with oxidizing agents.


Pee odors on carpets and floors can be annoying, especially when you have guests at home. The most effective tip on how to remove pee odor from carpets and floors is by using enzyme-based cleaners. They are effective and friendly to humans as well as pets. You can also use home products such as hydrogen peroxide, vodka, orange- oil cleaner, and baking soda. Lastly, if you have a busy schedule, you can hire an expert. Professional carpet cleaners can detect urine smells and locate old urine stains.

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