How to Get Rid of Dog Urine Smell

Dog Urine Removal

Every dog owner is all too familiar with pee odour. Yes, no matter how well-trained your four-legged companion is, accidents will happen. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to prevent this from happening, even with all the pee-break schedules. Luckily, there are several ways to address these situations without stressing your pet.

You’ll have to remove your dog from the scene before dealing with the mess. The last thing you need is your furry friend stomping through the puddle and leaving a trail all over the house. Depending on whether you have installed carpets or bare hardwood floors, the cleanup process differs.

In some cases, you may notice the smell long after the deed has been done. Stay calm, there’s no need to panic. The tips we’ll provide in this blog will work just as well on dried pee stains. Let’s get started.

Urine Smell Removal from Carpets or Fabric

Removing urine smells from carpets can be quite challenging as it gets soaked up by the material. Once it has dried, dry cleaning or washing may be the only option to get rid of the foul odour. As such, you must act quickly if you happen upon your pet’s little accident.

The first thing you should do is get paper towels or a dirty cloth to soak up the mess. This will prevent the pee from being absorbed by the carpet. Place them on top as well as below the wet spot and cover it with a thick layer of newspaper. Now, rinse the area with cold water and continue blotting to eliminate all moisture. You can also use a wet vac for better results. Getting rid of the liquid is key as it reduces the chances of stinky urine smell filling the living area.

Next, use an off-the-shelf odour remover on the cleaned spot to prevent any stench. You’ll find these in almost any pet store. If you don’t have one, some common household items are just as effective. Baking soda, or bicarb soda, is a popular choice among pet owners. Spread it evenly across the pee stain and let it sit overnight before vacuuming everything the following morning.

Vinegar can also be used to eliminate stinky pee smells. Mix a cup of white vinegar and water along with 2 tablespoons of baking soda thoroughly. Spray or pour the solution on the stain and let it sit for a while. Then blot the area using a clean cloth or paper towels and check the results. However, this method has its drawbacks. Your dog may be inclined to pee on the spot again to cancel out the strong scent of vinegar. An air freshener will prevent such incidents from happening.

Removing Dog Urine Odour from Hardwood Floors

Dog pee on hardwood floors is much more difficult to address compared to carpeted surfaces. The faster you address the urine stain, the easier it will be to remove the urine odour. Blot up as much of the urine as possible with paper towels or a clean cloth. Once the towel comes out dry, it’s time for the next step.

If you have guests or friends over, the stink of smelly pee can be embarrassing. The easiest way to address the issue is to use a non-toxic cleaning agent. Bear in mind that the product should be rated safe for hardwood floors.

If you’re out of cleanser, the DIY methods used on carpets and rugs are equally effective. Take one part each of vinegar and water in a spray bottle or a container with a lid. Mix thoroughly before covering the affected spot with the solution. Allow it to sit for a while and then scrub the area with a sponge to remove all traces of the fluid. Once it’s clean, use an air freshener or home fragrance spray to mask the acidic smell of vinegar. This should solve your odour problems.

The following method might be more suitable in case you’re apprehensive about introducing vinegar to the wood floor. Bicarb soda works wonders on pee odours. After mopping up the urine with a dirty towel or newspaper, sprinkle baking soda on the stain. You may let it sit for a few hours or leave it overnight and vacuum it up. As the final touch, apply an enzyme-based stain remover for the best results. Ensure that it’s safe for hardwood floors and read the directions provided in the packaging.

Expert Pet Urine Smell Removal in Adelaide

Even the most well-trained dogs can have accidents, leaving behind an unpleasant urine odour. Remember, the best course of action is to act fast, so it pays to be ready for such emergencies. Regardless of where the dog pee smell is coming from, the tricks provided above will work perfectly. But what if you don’t have the time to handle it yourself? For stubborn or deeply set urine odours, it’s often best to seek professional help.

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