Benefits of home cleaning services for seniors

Benefits of home cleaning services for seniors

Maintaining a senior’s home is one of the best things that you can do. It helps ensure that he/she is safe and keeps away harmful bacteria and diseases. Besides, this benefits the seniors and makes you happy seeing your oldest family member smiling. But the problem is that you are probably busy at work the whole week hence no time to do thorough cleaning for your loved one. They cannot also do spotless cleaning because of their old age.
This is where the home cleaning companies come in. They do all the cleaning as you
concentrate on doing other things. You do not have to worry about a thing as they are well trained and experienced with this. Let us look at the advantages of home cleaning services for seniors.

Advantages of home cleaning services for the seniors

1. It gives the elderly physical and mental happiness.
Think about it, and sometimes we are unable to work properly when the room is untidy. That feeling also disturbs the seniors when their rooms get cluttered. This awkward feeling gets away as soon as you finish cleaning the house. But unfortunately, not all seniors can manage to tidy things up by themselves. Reason being that they are not as mobile as they used to before, or they have a serious underlying issue. Give your old folks mental health by ensuring that they stay in a tidy place always. If you do not have the time to do it yourself, you can schedule a cleaning services company.

2. Good for their social life
Elderly people do not get to see many people often, which can make them feel lonely. However, with the cleaners visiting every week, they offer socialization variety and stimulation, equally important as the service itself. Loneliness is a common issue among many elderly people; hence, the cleaners’ regular visit will be great.
This is why it is important to look for a company that understands the needs of the elderly people to do the cleaning for you. For example, one that uses organic cleaning methods.
Everything must be selected carefully to minimize the hazards. No toxic chemicals should be used for cleaning a senior’s home. Some cleaners are not good for their health because they emit fumes that can potentially affect them.

3. Keeps the house clean and healthy
The main aim of cleaning a senior’s house is to ensure that they live in a conducive
environment. It does not only give them a good vibe but also keeps them healthy. Many seniors are tasked with cleaning for themselves, but sometimes it gets difficult, and they cannot keep up with the trend anymore. This results in an unconducive environment, which may lead to some avoidable health conditions. Cleaning their homes thoroughly once or twice a week is actually doing justice to them.

4. Reduced accidents
When things are cluttered in your house, it increases the chances of causing an accident. You can step on something slippery and fall down. This is a dangerous situation, especially for the seniors. But with a housekeeper, you can be guaranteed that all the items are in order hence reducing the chances of causing an accident. Another reason why you need cleaning services for the elderly is that they can harm themselves while trying to do the cleaning. You want to make sure that they are comfortable without having to strain to wash under their beds or moving heavy stuff around the house. Let the young people do it for them as they relax and enjoy the services.
Cleaners remove cluttered things and rearrange them properly for the seniors to move freely.
You can arrange a schedule where cleaners check on certain days of the week to do the

5. Healthy Indoor Air
Breathing in healthy and clean air maintains our health. When a house is not cleaned for a long time, dust, dirt, pet dander, and allergens tend to build up over time. They are then circulated constantly by your HVAC system to different corners of the room. When these particles are inhaled, one may get sick. Besides, older homes are prone to lead dust and exposure to asbestos fiber.
Carpets, blinds, drapes, air ducts, area rugs, and upholstered furniture all attract dirt and dust.
Hence they should be cleaned regularly to prevent build-up. Deep stains that stick in the fibers, as well as ingrained dust and dirt, must be removed. Apart from making your furniture appear shabby, the motions and impacts contaminate the air. To remove them, advanced equipment and processes must be applied regularly. The result will be clean hair for the seniors and everyone around them. Make it clean hires only qualified professionals. We also run a serious background check on all our employees. Our commitment is to make sure that all our clients are satisfied with our services. Contact us today, and we will send fast, trustworthy and efficient cleaners to you every time you need them. We have made things simple for you by hiring the best cleaners on the market.

6. Peace of mind

Hiring a home cleaner is something that needs to be taken very seriously. The process of hiring a suitable house cleaner can give you a headache because you need to find some that you can trust with your valuable things. Also, they need to be fast and efficient.

7. Long term savings
The carpets, furniture, blinds, and drapes are very valuable. But they can begin deteriorating if they are not properly cleaned for a long time. Drape fabrics, upholstery, and carpets can preserve their longevity by regularly scheduled cleaning. This is not something most seniors can manage to do. But the residential cleaning services will do a better job for them.
If you have invested in a high-quality carpet, then you need to hire the best cleaning service company. This is because the area rugs and carpets made from special dyes and fibers can be messed with the wrong type of cleaning.

8. Saves time
Cleaning services for seniors saves a lot of time for the other family members. Instead of
coming over to clean the house and call it a visit, they can now concentrate on other important things. For example, they can focus on taking the seniors out for a walk or shopping. Besides, they can also eat out, giving them a chance to enjoy the outside world. Staying in the house every day is not fun, especially when it’s disorganized. But if you can manage to get it cleaned and at least have some time to go out, then that would be amazing. Professional cleaners ensure that all your rooms are in order.
Cleaning can consume a lot of time, especially if you do not have the right technology to do it faster. As a loving family member, you can schedule cleaners for the seniors a few times a month. Besides, you do not want to spend your off days from work doing the cleaning. You can spend this time relaxing and making sure your loved ones are okay. This is the best time to focus on important things, such as your side businesses. Let the professional cleaners get the job done for you and as you chill and relax on your off days with your family.

9. Reduces fatigue and stress
Thorough cleaning is not an easy task. It consumes a lot of time and energy; hence it makes the seniors so tired and stressed. This is not good for their health because it makes them weak.
Professional cleaning companies have enough manpower and tools to get the job done for you.
Besides, it is a way to clean the house yourself after they do a thorough cleaning.
Hiring cleaning services for elderly people is a great boost to them. They can now concentrate on looking or for their health or doing something else that is fun.

How to find the best housekeeping services for the elderly

There are several things that you need to consider before settling for a housekeeping company.
This is because not all companies qualify for this situation. We want to make sure that you get the best service.

Look for Reputable Options for Home Cleaning Services

The first and obvious thing that you need to look at is the reputation of the company. What do the previous customers say about them? You can easily get this type of information from Google my business. You want to choose a company with a great reputation if you want to get the best services.
Make It Clean is one of the best cleaning services located in Brisbane. We have worked with hundreds of customers who have been amazed by what we can do. If you need a cleaner that will transform your home, then you can contact us. Our cleaners are highly trained professionals and have several years of experience. Your seniors are in good hands with us, and they will enjoy our services.

Check whether they use Eco-friendly products

We highly recommend home cleaning services that use organic cleaners, such as essential oils and enzymes.
They are the best since they do not have any side effects on people or your pets. Furthermore, they are very effective when it comes to getting rid of bacteria and any stubborn stains.
Toxic cleaners are harmful to the health hence not fit to use in the elderly house.
Affordable prices
It is important to care about the quality of cleaning before considering the cost. However, the company should have a fair price for you, especially if you are going to need them often. The charges should be clear, with no hidden costs. A professional company does not change its costs in the middle of delivering its services. They stick to the initial quote and focus on building long-term relations.
Find cleaners located near you.
Consider choosing a company that is located close to you. A cleaning service provider that is close to you is the best as they know your city and the community.

Check how the company treats its workers.

If the workers enjoy what they are doing, then they are going to do a great job for you. Look for a cleaning company that treats its workers well. Beside when dealing with the elderly, you will want to make sure that the workers are in great moods. You do not want someone with issues cleaning up your place.

Chores that domestic cleaning services can do for seniors

1. carpet cleaning services
The carpets are great because they keep them feels warm as well as additional decor elements to the house. But when it becomes dirty, it can make the house look messy. So many elderly people use carpets but cleaning them is not easy. That is why professional house cleaners are here for you. We make it Clean! All our cleaning products are 100% eco-friendly; hence you can be assured of allergy-free service.

2. Air vents cleaning
Air vents help in circulating clean air. They need to be cleaned after some time because moist can create good conditions for mould to grow. The air ducts will start blowing the mould through your home. Hence your house ends up with a musty and unpleasant smell. People eventually start getting sick because of the mould spores blown by the air vents.
If your house has been recently constructed or undergone some renovation, cleaning the air vents should be taken seriously because the construction dirt or dust makes its way to the vents. Also, when you realize that your house gets dusty even after cleaning, then the dust might be coming from the air vents.

3. Kitchen cleaning
The kitchen is like the heart of the home. This is where we get most of our energy from. Keeping it clean improves our living standards. As a senior, it can be hard to clean the sneakiest parts of the kitchen. Besides, most do not have the energy to reach the furthest parts or move heavy stuff around the kitchen. Hiring a professional cleaning service is the best thing that you can do.
They leave nothing unturned until everything is spotlessly clean. If you want to enjoy cooking in a nice smelling and clean kitchen, then you need to hire a professional residential company.
The kitchen can be the number one breeding zone for bacteria. This is why it needs thorough cleaning regardless of whether you are a senior or not. Besides, the sink accumulates the tiny remains of food which decay and produce bad smell over a long time. This is one of those spots that require so much attention. The microwave/ovens need to be thoroughly cleaned to prevent the seniors from getting sick.

4. Bathroom cleaning

Sometimes all we want to do is chill in that bathtub or running a hot shower. But it gets
uncomfortable when it becomes dirty. Professional cleaners are of great help because they make the bathroom as good as new. The bathroom can be another part that supports the breeding of bacteria because it's always wet. Bacteria are fond of wet places. The seniors may not be capable of keeping it dry most times because of their limited capabilities. The cleaning company can do that once or twice a week.
Cleaning the toilet thoroughly helps to keep the house smelling fresh. It also eradicated the risk of spreading diseases associated with germs and bacteria from the toilet. Most seniors can clean the toilet, but there are others that can only do the basic touches. A cleaning company will clean and disinfect the toilet to kill any active germs. You do not wish the elderly to get sick due to poor hygiene. Call us today, and we will transform your sanitation.

5. Furniture cleaning
Furniture needs to be cleaned from time to time because this is where we spend most of our times. Most elderly people do not have enough strength to perform thorough furniture cleaning.
Whether it’s the sofa, coffee table, study table or dining table, these surfaces need to be
cleaned regularly. Again the elderly people need some help with cleaning the furniture. If you want them to last a full lifespan, then you need to hire a professional cleaning company.

6. Mould removal services
Mould refers to a fungal growth that mostly develops in wet areas. Indoor mould should be eliminated as soon as possible because it can span serious health conditions. It reproduces through tiny pores which are carried by air when you breathe that air in then it might spike an allergic reaction. It can grow anywhere as long as the place is wet and other conditions it requires are set. Make it clean we are experienced in getting rid of mould.

7. Window cleaning services
Clean windows give a home the best vibes. Seniors can risk falling down as they try to clean the windows. That is why they need help from professionals. Besides, when your house has too many windows, the cleaning process becomes difficult to even for one person to handle it.

Make It Clean is the best cleaning Service Company in Brisbane. We offer a variety of packages that include window cleaning at an affordable rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a cleaner cost in Brisbane?

The average cost of a cleaner in Brisbane is about $30 to $50per hour. The costs depend on the size of the premises and other factors.

2. Do house cleaners bring their own supplies?
House cleaners come with their own cleaning equipment and supplies. This is to ensure that they have everything ready to clean your house spotlessly. Besides they are trained on how to use and be safe on their own cleaning equipment.

3. What is green residential cleaning?
Green cleaning refers to the use of organic products to clean your house. This is not only safe for the people but also the pets living in your house. Green cleaning is very effective and the most preferred method of cleaning.

4. Which is the best cleaning service company in Brisbane?
Make it clean is one of the best home cleaning services company in Brisbane. They are eco-friendly, safe,
experienced and passionate when it comes to cleaning. All the employees are highly trained, gone through extensive police checks and have insurance. Also, they have the best prices
based on hourly rates. You can check the cleaning rates and services that we offer here.

Final Thoughts

Elderly people are not able to carry some tasks as they used before. This is because their age does not allow them to be straining themselves out, or they have an underlying health issue.
Whichever the case, their houses still need to be cleaned. You need to hire cleaning services for seniors if you care about them. There are so many benefits of hiring the cleaning companies to do the job for you. It saves you time because house cleaning requires special equipment and manpower. Also, the seniors will stop feeling lonely, especially when they start interacting with the cleaners.

The process of hiring an independent cleaner is not easy. But for companies, all you need to do is fill a simple form, text or call them. While for independent cleaners, you need to perform background checks and test their skills and manage them at the same time. This can be a long and tiresome process, especially for the elderly. At make it clean, we hire the best cleaners so that you do not have to do it yourself. We also use organic products for the cleaning, which has no side effects when it comes to your health. We also care about the environment, and that’s why we practice green cleaning.

Contact us today, and we will leave every corner of your house, spotlessly clean.

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