Eco-friendly products to mop floors

Best Eco-friendly products to mop floors

Eco-friendly products to mop floors 

There is a simple way to get your floor sparkling clean without traces of chemicals being left behind if you use eco-friendly products to mop floors.

Safety is of paramount importance in matters of keeping your floor clean. Therefore, going green is a surefire way to have a clean floor every time you mop it. Synthetic cleaning products have a huge concentration of carcinogenic components with nauseating perfumes and are not 100% effective.

This gives you more than one reason you should ditch the use of artificial floor cleaning products and embrace eco-friendly products. They are usually sourced from plants’ enzymes or minerals.

This article explores in depth the best eco-friendly products to use in your quest to keep the floor clean.

Eco-friendly cleaning products for your floors

There are dozens of organic products in the market, all gunning to give you a wonderful experience when mopping your floor. You should know that there are certified products that rule the green product market, which you should purchase. Let us look at some of these products.

koh floor cleaner

1. Koh

Koh cleaning products rank high in the list of the best home mopping products. Here is why Koh is outstanding on matters surface floor cleaning.

Koh is a mixture of potassium, water, and other salts from potassium minerals. What happens is that the potassium minerals contain ions that come up and bring the dirt together and then turn it into mineral water full of carbonates. Its organic composition is void of artificial chemicals that are hazardous such as phosphate and paraben.

These elements are what make Koh so marketable, not just as a top eco-friendly floor cleaner but one that can work on other surfaces with excellence and satisfaction. Koh has a reputation for dealing ruthlessly with grime and stubborn stains on the surface of the floor, which explains the praise around it.

But as the world goes, everything has a good side and its bad side, and Koh is not an exemption at all.

Pros of Koh

  • Environmentally friendly. The advantage of using Koh is that it is environmentally friendly in the sense that it is refillable. Therefore, it keeps the surroundings clean without plastic bottles of Koh products littered over. This is one reason that compounded Koh’s eco-certification, not to mention it is gentle on the floor and surfaces cleaned due to organic components.
  • It is convenient and friendly to use. Unlike other non-eco-friendly cleaning products, it has no smell and maintains a neutral ph. Koh does not cause allergies when your feet or skin contact a floor mopped because it has no odor chemicals.
  • Koh has a rating of 99.9 percent in being effective.


  • Koh has time constraints because you do not mop immediately after sprinkling it on the floor. You have to give it one minute for the not-so-dirty floor and even much longer for very dirty floors.
  • The other demerit of Koh is that it is highly-priced compared to other eco-friendly floor cleaner products. The pricing becomes expensive because the very dilute nature of Koh means you have to keep refilling it.
  • Be careful with metal and marbles, as it could damage.

coala eco floor cleaner

  1. Koala Eco

Koala Eco products are 100% derived from plants. The now-famous eco cleaning product is prepared from several plants. This includes oils from mandarin and peppermint, which are then mixed with water that has undergone purification.

Peppermint and mandarin presence give a great feeling of freshness whenever the floor is mopped with Koala Eco.  Its non-toxic properties make it a top choice for mopping wooden floors. This is because it contains no alcohol, which eats up the floor’s luster.

It has no bleach, artificial fragrances, and harmful chemical such as phosphate. Henceforth, Koala Eco is gentle to your household and all cleaning operations. It is tough on grim and effective. It has a combination of natural antiseptics that are a plus to your hygiene needs.


  • One of the major advantages of Koala Eco is the sweet mint smell that wafts through the room when the floor is mopped. Mint is relaxing, soothing, and calming.
  • Also, the plant products derived in making Koala Eco act as a natural disinfectant; therefore, removing the grime and dirt on the floor disinfects it thoroughly.


  • Koala Eco can be sticky if the right amount of water is not used to dilute it. It is sticky due to its biodegradable nature. Ensure you use the recommended amount of water.
  • Koala Eco is also not so suitable for very new floor surfaces; it is recommended you conduct a diagnostic test to determine if it has adverse effects.

organic choice floor cleaner

  1. Organic Choice

Organic Choice is a reputable eco-friendly product with the highest biodegradable standards. Thanks to its derivatives from botanical plants. Organic Choice products are tastefully developed from a botanical perspective to provide clean surfaces while protecting the environment and product consumers. Additionally, it is made of coconut extracts, water, aloe vera, and lime oil with natural perfume.


  • Organic Choice products do not harm children or pets. Thus, you can use them without fear of a child or your dog or cat being affected by them.
  • If you love class and style, the Organic Choice products pass off. It is a preferred eco-friendly floor mop due to its natural fragrance and beautiful packaging.


  • The demand for Organic Choice floor cleaning products at times goes insanely high, and it becomes hard to get. Besides, some of the non-toxic variables used to manufacture Organic Choice are not certified.

enzyme wizard floor cleaner

  1. Enzyme Wizard

Enzyme Wizard has a lot of science behind its work. The chemistry in this no-rinsing eco-friendly floor mopping product is that enzymes are used to remove tough stains on the floor, and you do not rinse it. Just a mop flash once, and the floor is sparkling clean.

It is used in many households and in the hospitality sector, where the enzyme-working kind of cleaning is highly preferred.

Enzyme wizard is an effective green alternative to keeping your floor clean. It is derived from plants with a wide range of enzymes. Once you mop the floor with Enzyme Wizard, the enzymes are left working with the help of air in keeping the surface clean.

They are time effective and are the last resort for tough stains and stubbornly dirty floors. When left on the drains on the floor, the enzyme component in them deals with grime and other remnants found on the floor. The organic components in the enzymes alleviate bad smells, especially from drainage channels on the floor.


  • Enzyme Wizard is by far proactive and effective more than other eco-friendly products in the market.
  • They outdo chemical cleaners in all ways, including their no-rinsing feature when mopping floors with it.


  • Some of them have a light natural fragrance, while others don’t. You may prefer going green majorly due to the great natural fragrance reminiscent of these products.
  • Its complex nature does not come cheap compared to other environmentally-friendly products for mopping the floor.

simply clean floor cleaner

  1. Simply Clean

Simply clean mainly trades with the tag of Lemon Myrtle Floor Cleaner – a 100% plant-sourced eco-friendly cleaning product. Lemon myrtle oil is one of the plants from which Simply Clean is derived and mixed with water and biodegradable components.

If you have a shiny floorboard, Simply Clean is the Best Choice because it does not leave stripe marks on the surface. Whether the surface is polished or oiled to maintain the shiny allure, this product leaves it just as it is and even cleaner as a bonus.


  • Simply Clean has a long-lasting scent that remains in the house for days when you use it. The house smells so fresh.
  • The product is safe on both wooden and tiled floors. You should try to use Lemon Myrtle Floor Cleaner to experience some magic.


  • When buying in bulk, it saves a few pennies for you but puts a strain – marginally – if you buy just one product.
  • The high concentration of Lemon Myrtle Floor Cleaner requires some astuteness when diluting it for proper results in mopping the floor.
What to look for when choosing a floor cleaner:

By now, you have a proper idea of the magical nature of eco-friendly products to mop floors. However, there are certain pointers you should be aware of to make it easy for you to pick the right green product and not one doused in harmful chemicals.

Please make sure you certify that the product you choose has the following Characteristics on the label: A green product is purely derived from plants, has a natural fragrance, and is non-toxic, meaning it has no chemicals. These products have a neutral pH, are cruelty-free/vegan, are refillable, have biodegradable elements, and recycle plastics to keep the environment clean.


There is untold satisfaction in using eco-friendly products to mop your floor, whether at home or place of work. They are the agents of freshness and good vibes that you need to start your day in style. You can try to use the products mentioned above to see magic. They are effective and do not have bleaching agents.

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