How to make your own eco-friendly glass cleaner?

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How much difference does it make to have your windows and mirrors sparkling without fingermarks? A lot, right?!
This is why we tested various Eco-friendly and Natural options, so we can always deliver the best service – and now give you the answer right awa

Right to the point!

Without further ado, here’s the solution:


It has been used for ages for cleaning purposes, as it is effective for removing bacteria and stains. If you use it only with warm water, would be enough for an acceptable result.

The alcohol makes the solution evaporate even faster, reducing the risk of watermarks on the windows.

The lemon juice is known for being antibacterial and helping clean brass, on our solution, it helps eliminate the vinegar odour, leaving a fresh aroma.
But don’t use it on marbles or natural stone, due to its pH.

The measures:
  • 80ml Vinegar
  • 80ml Mineral Alcohol
  • 1 tablespoon Lemon Juice
  • 400ml Water

Now you just need to mix everything in a bottle, jump three times, throw salt over your shoulder and pray that I’m right. 🙂

Apply just a little bit of the solution to the window and wipe it with a clean microfibre cloth. Aaaaaaaand done!

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