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Today, there is a lot to consider when looking for cleaning services in Adelaide. You can be looking for domestic or commercial cleaning services. In each of the two categories, there are specific things that you should look out for. For instance, the experience, customer service, and professionalism. This is what makes a day’s work to be worthy and satisfying.


Make it Clean is the go-to when looking for cleaning services in Adelaide. Why?


1. We use Eco-friendly products

eco-friendly house cleaning brisbaneTaking care of the environment is a hallmark for the company. All the products used by the firm for cleaning purposes are eco-friendly. Furthermore, eco-friendly cleaning products are organic, void of synthetic chemicals popular in manufactured cleaning products. These products are abounding with natural stuff. The fact that they are biodegradable makes them an absolute choice for use in cleaning. Additionally, they do not bleach surfaces because they have no chemical agents.
Some of the common eco-friendly cleaning products include liquid dishwashers, stain removers, floor cleaners, and scrubbers, among others.

2. Staff to trust

It the hard to have people clean your home or office, but you cannot trust them. This is a genuine concern Adelaide’s population is worried about. However, our service providers make you rest easy because they are thoroughly scrutinized. In addition, we have strict and non-negotiable trust standards for all our employees. We conduct background checks by the police for the certification of every employee. They are also covered by insurance in case of an accident while working. This is a major reprieve for potential clients.

3. Our cleaners are trained and experienced

We pride ourselves on delivering quality services. This is enabled by a workforce that is known to provide the best to our esteemed clients. As a policy for the company, all staff undergoes elaborate in-house training to equip them with relevant skills. The training has been a cardinal point of quality service delivery in Adelaide and beyond the city.

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4. We are pet-friendly

Nothing beats the sight of a dog or a cat in the house; they are human’s best friends. Nevertheless, handling these animals requires pet-friendliness skills. We guarantee you that your pet is in good hands as cleaning goes on. The staff has acquired extensive knowledge in pet handling to avoid conflict in situations where, for example, a dog is hostile. Lastly, we use cleaning products that are safe for pets.

5. Professionalism

While cleaning may seem a basic task, it is intricate. It requires level-headed minds to keep things going in the right direction all the time. The brains behind our firm ensure that each client can easily get to us. We have a user-friendly online presence that you can use to reach us with ease. Customer satisfaction is a strong point for us and is overseen by a trained and certified expert. This tells you how much we are dedicated to offering Adelaide the best cleaning services.



Our cleaning services in Adelaide

regular clean services

House cleaning

House cleaning services are designed to meet individual needs. The cleaning is elaborate, with every specified detail taken into account. A client can make specifications of how they want the cleaning conducted, and it is adhered to the preference. Nothing leaves a fresher aura and comfort than a home where we have a day.


commercial cleaning services

Commercial cleaning

Worry no more if you are struggling with keeping your business premises clean. All you need to do is seek out our high-quality service. We offer a comprehensive commercial package that takes care of all your needs. From the office halls to the office kitchen and bathroom, you get dazzling results. Don’t forget, trust is a part of the package. Everything in your business remains safe because all the employees are screened. Theft is a foreign concept for us. Therefore your properties are in safe hands. In addition, every employee from the firm is fully insured.


Carpet cleaning

Cleaning a carpet is a daunting task. Sometimes it is a cause for concern as glaring stains dent your hygiene image, be it at work or home. The bare minimum for carpets is that they should always be clean. While it seems hard, we solve all of the carpet cleaning needs. It is done professionally and with utmost care.


bond cleaning services

Bond cleaning

Nothing is greater than the law. As such, bond cleaning is an integral part of the real estate sector. When you move out of a house/unit, you should have bond cleaning as a prerequisite to the bond refund deposit. Without a professional in your unit doing thorough bond cleaning, you miss out on the refund. Our firm solves this in an instant. The floor, bathroom, kitchen windows, rugs, and carpets are cleaned thoroughly with inspection by your realtor.


What are the charges?

For each service offered, charges are imposed on an hourly basis:

Domestic cleaning: For every hour, domestic cleaning covering bedrooms, kitchen, and common areas sells at $37 per hour. Goods and services tax (GST) comes as an addition.
Spring cleaning: It covers bedrooms, kitchen, and common areas. The charges are $52. GST is applicable.

Bond cleaning: At $57 per hour plus GST, you get your unit sparkling clean.

Carpet cleaning: For each room where carpet cleaning goes on, the charges are $44 per room plus GST.


eco-friendly services for a trully clean home


Make it clean is among the most reputable companies you can hire for cleaning services in Adelaide. Our firm has an open policy with all employees to get to know them on a personal level, skills, and interests. This approach makes it easy to deliver quality services anytime to our clients.

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