We all have already had our hearts broken for that person that was supposed to fill the empty space in our lives: our cleaners. Today we’ll talk about the problems of the miscommunication and how to be sure you hire the right cleaner.


The first and most common reason for frustration is the floors, and especially the vacuum. Most companies define as standard for a regular clean to NOT move the furniture, such as sofas and TV racks because they are usually heavy and would make a big difference on time to move and vacuum underneath them.

Some companies are pretty flexible and you just have to ask them to vacuum more thoroughly, but keep in mind that this has a considerable impact on the length of the service.


If you don’t scrub the bathroom tiles often, they inevitably will grow mould, and the longer you take to clean it properly, the harder it gets to remove it.

Too much work? I agree! This is the most difficult part of a general clean – and should be done weekly or at least fortnightly.

A bathroom well cleaned should take around 25 to 30 minutes. More than enough time for the professionals scrub all the walls.



Make it Clean Services Domestic Cleaning Difference Between Bins Hire the right cleaner
Does your cleaner know the difference between them?

Emptying the bins is basic, but some people simply don’t know the difference between the colours and what kind of rubbish goes in each bin, simply because they are not from here – and their companies don’t train them about it.

A good recommendation is the Brisbane Bin and Recycle app, that not only tells you what is supposed to go in each bin, but the days for each bin to be collected.

If you want to hire the right cleaner, be sure they understand the recycle plan, so we all can keep our city clean.


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The microwave and the burners on your cooker are both areas of attention.

The cooker and the microwave should be the area you demand more attention: all the food and dirt left behind can not only damage your appliances but also attract bugs causing diseases.

EXTRA ATTENTION: one of the main arguments of Eco-friendly solutions, is that all this appliances may have direct contact to your food, and the products used must be food safe if you want to be protected from both insects and the harms caused by harsh chemicals.

What are the points you think your cleaner is missing? There’s anything we missed? Let us know in the comments!


Hire the right cleaner: try us out!

Do we always get everything right? Probably not. But everyone working with us is recruited based on one main characteristic: running the extra mile. So we guarantee that even if we make mistakes, we will fix and learn with them. Try us out and see how much we care.

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