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We created our list of the best cleaning blogs to follow, because a happy home starts with a clean and tidy home. Cleaning is part of our daily life activities. For some people, cleaning can be therapeutic, while for others, it is just clearing the clutter because it is expected.

Despite this, a good intention cleaning day may end up being chaos and complete clutter. Most times, you may not even notice the mess. Other times, you may see it and get aggravated on how to solve it.

Fortunately for you, many cleaning blogs nowadays guide people on what deep house cleaning and decluttering involves.

In this article, we give you the best cleaning blogs to check out and even subscribe to. These blogs give you cleaning hacks, tips on when, where, and how to declutter your space, and tricks to be orderly.

Therefore, whether you are a cleaning guru looking to sharpen your skills or a busy mom, dad, a
teenager looking for that extra push to keep your living space organized, these blogs are highly
recommended to give you a fun experience when cleaning.

A Slob Comes Clean

Dana White (aka Nony) created A Slob Comes Clean to share her attempt to get her home under control.
The blog is a good and witty site to follow for those struggling with keeping their homes clean and organized. Nony focuses on decluttering your home room by room and gives hope to the hopeless home cleaners.


Miss Jen, a stay-at-home mom of three kids, started this blog to share her flair for organizing her home.
From a small town in Western Wisconsin, she gives you tips for bathroom organization, fun DIYs like the DIY Sliding Closet Door, making your storage boxes to help you declutter, and monthly cleaning plans.

Ask Anna

Anna Mosely has a blog that focuses on answering all cleaning-related things. She is a busy mom of two and a homemaker who gives all her followers sound, supportive and reliable advice. Her blog is highly informative, and if you are a fan of Pinterest, you won’t regret saving some of her motivational boards.
Some of the best tutorials to watch are cleaning products, rooms, laundry, decorating, and organizing the kitchen, bathroom, and closets. For all the plant lovers out there, she also covers ways of keeping a green home.

Clean Mama

This blog by Becky has very inspiring routines. Her blogs are non-toxic and straightforward, whereby there are house cleaning tasks for every room you clean. In her blog, she does not concentrate on instructing you on cleaning your entire house but instead focuses on giving you small routines. These routines are meant to be incorporated into your daily schedule and help you keep your home clean with little effort. She provides the subscribers’ recommendations of her favorite products, tips, and tricks.
Her routines focus on cleaning, organizing, decluttering, and DIYs. Some of the best posts to read include how to fit a cleaning routine into a full-time, essentials for floor washing, and a method of involving the kids in your household cleaning chore.

a bowl full of lemons

A bowl Full of Lemons

We all know that not all of us can afford or buy expensive cleaning products. Toni’s blog understands
that life is chaos, and some people live on a budget. Apart from this, the blog covers unique checklists. It
also presents challenges on ways of keeping your home clean. An example of one of her fantastic posts
includes “Daily Cleaning 101”.

The Inspired Room

Melissa Michaels’ blogs are for budget-conscious people who can also appreciate good designs and a well-managed or organized home. She is primarily a home décor expert blogger whose end goal is to inspire women to love their homes. Apart from this, her blog covers exciting cleaning and organizing tips, including how to fall in love with your home, quick and efficient housekeeping tips.

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is a blog created by Maxwell Ryan to help you organize your home while still
keeping it beautiful in a simple way. Most people may think cleaning seems like a woman’s job, but this blog gives a new perspective. From a guy’s point of view, it focuses on organizing, decluttering, and interior design. Apart from this, he shows you how to make your cleaning supplies and set up a cleaning routine to incorporate into your daily life and save time.

The Organized Housewife

Katrina is the creator of this blog. From her home on the sunny Gold Coast in Australia, she gives you a cleaning checklist. She also recommends the best cleaning products to use in your house while explaining to her reader ways of cleaning problematic areas to reach. Some of her favorite posts include using labels for better home organization and cleaning a washing machine.


TidyMom’s blogger is Cheryl. Her blog covers lifestyle and DIY, food and drinks, and Tidy Home. She empowers you with ways of keeping your home tidy when you do not have time and brilliant ideas on how to organize your home. Moreover, she addresses manageable ways of keeping a greener home.

One Good Thing

Jillie’s blog focuses primarily on the cleaning aspects of keeping your house nice, smelling, and sparkling.
She shows her readers ways of creating their cleaning supply solutions and decluttering and DIY cleaning product recipes.

The Queen of Clean

Linda Cobb is a self-proclaimed go-to expert for all things cleaning. She hosts this cleaning blog and primarily focuses on cleaning and organizing your home or working space. Her sense of humor and handsy ideas will keep you glued to her posts. She helps her readers solve the dilemma of those complex cleaning problems that plague lots of people. From her blog, you get to read tips on removing stains from wooden spoons, cleaning fabric shoes, and removing a mustard stain from clothes.

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Final Thoughts

Cleaning, organizing, decluttering, and decorating are activities that one should engage in to keep and maintain their homes cleanliness. With the presence of social media platforms, these activities have been made easier by most bloggers. Apart from websites, you can easily access cleaning tutorials and inspiration posts from Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. The above bloggers are just an excellent example of the many dedicated to making everyone’s cleaning experience exciting. I hope from visiting some of them, and cleaning gets to be a pleasant and relaxing experience for you.

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