Best plants to have inside your home


It is always great to have plants at home. Because some of them are not a perfect fit for indoors, we researched the best plants to have inside your home. Their appealing colors make space look bright. In addition to that, indoor plants have a functional purpose in health. For instance, they create a relaxing atmosphere. On the flip side, most people lack information about plants. As a result, it becomes hard to figure out the best one to buy. This article will cover some of the beautiful and best plants to have indoors.


Aloe Vera is a great plant to have inside your home

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant suitable in a tropical climate. It can be used to brighten space when put in a sunny space. The plant has little maintenance seeing that it does not require water frequently. In addition to that, the plant contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Its gel can be used to soothe cuts, wounds, sunburns, and skincare conditions. Other uses include treating heartburn, digestive discomfort, dehydration, and slow growth of great cancer. Lastly, it is not pet friendly.



Peace Lilly is a good plant to have inside

Peace Lilly

Peace Lilly looks good when put on the floor, seeing that it can grow 3 feet with wide leaves. Moreover, they look good in dark spaces like bedrooms, offices, and hospitals. The plants are easy to maintain. Peace lilies are known to be poisonous to cats and dogs. This is because it has oxalates, which cause discomfort to the stomach and mouth. It is also not safe for people who are affected by allergies from pollen. Peace lily produces clean oxygen and gets rid of benzene, ammonia, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde.



Snake plant

Snake plant does not require much water and sunlight to survive. Just like other succulents, the plant helps to change carbon dioxide to oxygen hence brings clean air. It also gets rid of toxic pollutants such as benzene, xylene, formaldehyde, and toluene and prevents airborne allergies. For this reason, it is ideal for bedroom corners.  To add to that, the houseplant has a natural chemical called saponins, which result in discomfort in pets.


Spider Plant is another great choice for indoors

Spider plant

The spider plant is adapted to various climatic conditions. It is great for newbies because it is easy to take care of. Place it next to a big window to get Light. The houseplant is great for cleaning harmful toxins like xylene and formaldehyde. Lastly, it is non-toxic thus safe for dogs and cats.




African Violet is an amazing choice for indoor plant

African violet

African violet makes space look cheerful with the red, lavender, pink, blue, and white look. It is adapted to average humidity and moderate temperatures. Moreover, it requires less indoor space to grow. The houseplant is easy to care for when someone has knowledge. Ensure you give it proper lighting, fertilizer, and Luke warm water to develop flowers. African violet is pet friendly.

Tips for selecting the best plants to have inside your home

Identify a perfect spot: not all spaces will look similar to a specific plant. Discover the spot and think about how it will look with the selected color.

The amount of Light: determine the amount of light in your space. Some plants are not adapted to survive in sunny conditions.

Weather conditions: consider climatic conditions in your place.  Are you living in a hot, tropical, or seasonal environment? Plants are adapted to different weather conditions.

Maintenance: if you are a newbie, the best plant to buy should have low maintenance. Furthermore, your occupation will help you to purchase the right one. For instance, a person who is always on business trips spends fewer days at home.

Pet friendly: not all plants are pet friendly. Before you buy, keep in mind if they are safe for pets.


Final thoughts 

Homeowners can add plants to the living area, bedroom, or office. They have various benefits for our health and brighten space. If you have any other suggestions about the best plants to have inside your home, feel free to drop them in the comment section, or share them on our Facebook page.

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