Best Mop and Steam Mop in Australia [2023]

Best Mop and Steam Mop in Australia

Our homes and office floors are designed to hold against everyday wear and tear. One way of achieving this is by regularly cleaning to prolong the life of the flooring and keep it clean. The most suitable mop for your floors guarantees you an easier cleaning experience and leaves your floors clean and sparkling. 

There is an overwhelming number of mops in today’s market that you may find stressful and even difficult to choose a mop that best suits your needs and budget. In our guide below, we help you solve this dilemma. From laminate to hardwood to tile, we give you the best dry and wet mops to clean every type of surface in your home. If you have white floors, porcelain, dark wooden floors, or tiles, our brief guide dives more into how to clean them and the best mops for these surfaces. 

Types of mops

Although the market offers different types of mops, the easy way to choose what’s best for you is to know what type of surface you will use. It is also good to consider if it is a high traffic area and what type of cleaning you will be doing (spills, dusting, etc.). These are all the factors to consider when you are trying to find the best mop that is best for the job.

Sponge mops

Sponge mops are the best choice when cleaning grime in high-traffic areas such as kitchens. These are highly absorbent mops that are great for cleaning tile floors. They have a spongy head and boost a wringing mechanism (wringers) that gets rid of excess water. You can also replace the sponge head when it wears off. These mops can harbour bacteria and start to smell; hence, it’s advisable to heed the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning and storing them.

Flat mop

Flat mops come in rectangular or circular heads. These mops are great to clean open areas, especially with wooden or laminated floors, as they dry up much faster. They are made of microfiber, polyester, and nylon. This mix produces static to attract and hold onto grime. They are not the best choice when dealing with stubborn stains, and can be difficult to clean corners.

String mops

It is also known as a traditional mop. These mops are great for heavy-duty cleaning due to their durable cotton fibres. String mops cover a lot of areas and easily get in tight corners. They are good for cleaning high traffic areas but might need some help when cleaning wooden, laminated or white floors.

Spray mops

These are more like flat mops, but they also have a spray trigger on the handle. You do not need a wringing bucket. They are great for washing away grime and sticky stains from floors. They are great mops as they prevent over-wetting surfaces and damaging wood floors. Spray mops use washable, disposable, and reusable microfiber pads.

Spin mops

Spin mops are great when you want to prevent putting too much elbow grease in tough, sticky stains. Spin mops use two rotating microfiber pads to scrub your floors. The microfiber pads are machine washable and reusable, and they are versatile as they can be used dry to buff floors to a shine. 

The best mops for each type of surface

Best mop for white or laminated floors

White-tiled and laminated floors can be tricky to perfectly clean. It is easy to spot dirty and watermarks can leave you disappointed if you don’t use the right mop. Here is our best recommendation for these kinds of floors.

Sabco SuperSwish Spray Mop

This spray mop is suitable for any type of floor but it shines on these floors that must be well dried to avoid water marks. It comes with a microfibre cloth that is washable and easy to find and replace.

Best heavy-duty mop

Heavy-duty mops are good to cover a wide area, are good for reaching difficult spots and are the best for outside areas. The mop our teams use is this one:

Sabco 400g professional Cotton Mop

This mop is highly absorbent, washable and easy to use. Is very durable and works way better than other solutions that tied the strings together.

Best general purpose mop

Our recommendation for general purpose, and suggestion if you only have to have one mop at home, is the Vileda Bucket System.

Vileda Rinse Clean Spin Mop and Bucket System

Even though the mop head is a little bit small for wide areas, the spin system allows for this mop to be used for difficult stains and laminated floors easily, as allows you to choose without effort how wet is the mop going to be.

Neutral PH products for your marble floors

It is important to use a PH-neutral cleaner when cleaning your marble floors. Use highly diluted PH-neutral products and a water mixture to clean your marble floors. You can also choose to use a diluted dishwashing soap and water solution. For instance, you can use products from your pantry, such as baking soda, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, etc., to clean your marble floors.


Most people assume all floors have to be mopped, but this is far from the truth. Most hard floors can be mopped, but few require special treatment as water can damage them. For instance, water can damage waxed wooden floors and unsealed wooden floors. 

Chemical cleaning can also damage stone tiles. Therefore, only a microfiber cloth and water are needed on such floors. Therefore, it is good to consider whether you can or cannot mop floors when cleaning floors. It is also vital to use cleaning products meant for the different floors that are environmentally friendly.

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