Professional House Cleaning in Adelaide


Proud to put health and environment in first place providing Eco products for all our house cleaning in Adelaide.


All the cleaners goes through an extensive review and a mandatory police check and insurance is required, in order to keep your peace of mind.


We have years of experience in cleaning services, and all this knowledge is passed to our teams through our in-house training.

Pet Friendly

We make sure to count only with pet lovers, because we know they are part of your family.

Clare O'Connor
Clare O'Connor
Very professional, high standard of cleaning, great communication. Would recommend.
Alison Braidwood
Alison Braidwood
Very professional and girls did an excellent clean. Fast and easy communication. We were very happy with Make It Clean!
Erin Dawson
Erin Dawson
I have used Make it Clean for a number of years, and they have always been reliable, responsive, and clean to a very high standard. Cleaning day is my favourite day of the week! They have also been flexible with working around my baby’s changing nap times.
Helen Martyn
Helen Martyn
Team were great, punctual and worked hard. Highly recommend
Danielle McDonald
Danielle McDonald
highly recommend, excellent customer service & hardworking team
Indira Thivy
Indira Thivy
I’ve had great difficulty with cleaning companies keeping to a schedule and being reliable. Making It Clean have been really flexible, responsive to feedback and have gone out of their way to obtain good results. Highly recommend ☺️
sandra davies
sandra davies
Very Happy !
Banu Ese
Banu Ese
Very professional and great business. They accept my booking in very quick time, I got very nice and good cleaners. Satisfied with their work and attitude. Will continue to use their service happily again. Thank you.

House cleaning in Adelaide

We offer a wide variety of services beyond house cleaning in Adelaide. With our in-house training, the teams strive to achieve excellence.

All our cleaners are carefully chosen to deliver services at the highest standard by repetition, proper use of professional equipment and extra attention to detail.

Whether for an end-of-lease or a weekly cleaning service, you can be sure you’ll have the best house cleaning teams in Adelaide.

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Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

Thoroughly researched and handpicked Eco-friendly and natural cleaning products to deliver the best services while taking care of your health.

Our choice for sustainable services goes from using essential oils and enzyme-based products to recycled and degradable bags.

How can we clean without chemicals? Take a look at our blog to find out how our cleaners in Adelaide work.

House Cleaning in Adelaide


Regular Clean


per hour per person


Spring Clean


per hour per person


Bond Clean


per hour per person


Carpet Clean


per room


Our weekly blog comes full of news and research about natural cleaning products in Australia, best practices, DIY, how to disinfect your home, news about Brisbane suburbs and more.  All created with all the love and attention, especially for you.


Our domestic cleaning services are our main focus. We ensure that everyone servicing our customers is able to deliver high-quality cleaning services including bathrooms, kitchen, dusting, vacuuming and mopping all rooms.

While cleaning the bathrooms, our cleaning teams are instructed to clean the sink, scrub the showers, toilets, and tidy up the room.

In the kitchen, we clean the microwave (inside and out), the cooktop, sink, and wiping over all the kitchen cabinets with eco-friendly products that are also food-safe.

The dusting will be done in all rooms, with special care for wooden furniture, where we use eucalyptus oil to give it a shine and protect it. However, In the regular domestic cleaning, the cleaners will not move all the furniture around to clean behind it, or clean blinds and shutters. Those tasks are part of the Spring Clean and would increase the length of the service, therefore, the price.

All rooms will be vacuumed using a professional vacuum cleaner provided by us at no cost, and then mopped with an enzymatic cleaner suitable for all kinds of floors leaving a fabulous finish.

All our services for house cleaning in Adelaide are customizable

Even though these are the basic tasks included in each domestic clean service provided by our teams, you can ask for specific chores, such as putting clothes in the washing machine, hanging out clothes, or even reducing the number of tasks to fit your budget.

Give us a call or send a message and we will help you take care of your home the way you deserve.

Our cleaners in Adelaide work in teams of either 2 or 3 people. Although we have been operating in couples for the last few years, our cleaners have been reporting that it is better to deliver house cleaning services in teams of 3 people, as they can finish quicker and with less physical exhaustion.

The idea of increasing the cleaning teams to 3 people was our way to be able to increase the cleaners hourly rates without passing this increase to the customers, as the industry rates are rising fast in response to the close of the borders to international students.

When working in couples, one of the cleaners will clean the bathrooms, while the other will clean the kitchen, do the dusting in all the house, and remove the rubbish.

Once they finish, they would split the floor tasks accordingly.

In teams of 3, they will split the home cleaning tasks with one cleaning the bathrooms, the other doing the kitchen, and the third cleaner doing the dusting and helping with the bathrooms and floors.

We have been getting great feedback about these changes in the domestic services, with the customers impressed on how quick we can finish, whilst keeping and sometimes increasing the level of our cleaning services.

As you probably already know, we are proud of using Eco-friendly products and doing our best to move to a sustainable world – even our plastic bags are biodegradable!

We use Simply Clean’s multipurpose cleaner for general dusting and wiping over furniture. The beauty of this product is that it is not only a green option, it is also food-safe, and this is something we deem important when cleaning your kitchen.

For the hard stains and tasks, we use Gumption, a famous non-toxic Australian made product for these sorts of cleaning tasks.

All teams are trained to use a solution of eucalyptus oil and water to wipe over wooden furniture, giving a wonderful smell of cleaning, helping to protect your furniture at the same time.

Since the beginning of our cleaning services in Brisbane, we’ve been using this solution and the customers (and cleaners) love it!

The secret sauce, that is not so much a secret anymore as we do our best to spread the word, is Enzyme Wizard products.

Enzyme Wizard cleaning products are, as the name indicates, enzyme-based – they eat the dirt and stains causing no damages to the surfaces. We use their mould killer and floor cleaner on a daily basis with absolutely great results.

For the window cleaning, we use the G6 window cleaner for professional results. They offer impressive results and are also a sustainable option.

We are also developing our own line of eco-friendly cleaning products in the next few months. In the testing phase, we were certain that we will offer the best cleaning product in the market – capable of miracles!

Short answer: Yes.

The minimum book is for 2 hours total – the length will be split among the members of the cleaning team.

Even though we book customers that live close to each other, this is only to ensure that it is worthy for our cleaners to drive to the job. And let’s face it: it is not very probable that you could get anything done in less than 2 hours.

Another policy we have is the cancellation policy. This comes to protect the cleaners income, as this is a job in high demand, and we could’ve definitely booked a new customer for the same spot. And avoid that they go to the customer’s house in vain.

The cancellation policy states that you should give us 24 hours notice for any cancellation because even though is a short time, it is enough for us to replace the job for the cleaners.

This is a great question!

Both Daphnee and Ilmo have plenty of experience in all sorts of cleaning – from commercial cleaning, to end of lease cleaning and house cleaning services in Adelaide and Brisbane.

And while Daphnee is fabulous in improving cleaning standards and customer services, with an aptitude for caring due to her life as a nurse in Brazil, Ilmo has a background in technology.

With his knowledge in software development and vast experience in cleaning services in their first years in Brisbane, he created software that estimates the length of the service according to the number of rooms in the house.

That’s why we ask you these questions on the booking form and then add another couple of questions about the extra tasks you need to ensure we meet your expectations.

Making it simple:

How long does it take to clean a bathroom? An average of 30 minutes.

The kitchen? An average of 30 minutes too.

Dusting, vacuum, and mopping? Around 5 minutes each per room.

It is important to say that it depends on the type of service, and how dirty is the property, as these numbers are for a standard regular domestic clean.hous

It is all about communication. As with most things in life.

The first thing to do is when talking to our booking team, feel comfortable to tell us about exactly what you want, small details and anything you like or don’t. We need to start our relationship the right way. 🙂

I can assure you that our goal is to please you and make your life easier. And telling us what you like, will help us in this task.

In the booking confirmation email, we will send you a list of the tasks included, the cleaners names, pictures and background. All to make sure you know who is going to clean your home.

If any of the tasks you would like them to complete is not there, let us know, or talk directly to the cleaners on the day of the service (you can also leave a note or list of tasks).

These different tasks will be included in the team’s schedule and in our CRM, so we are ready to replace the team without losing quality if needed.

“But, should I tidy up my place before they arrive?” Not necessarily.

They are happy to do this for you, but be mindful that this will increase the service length, and therefore the price.

After the service, feel free to let us know your opinion. Tell us everything you liked, and everything you didn’t, so we can improve and make your life easier.

That’s is one of the main points of hiring our cleaners services. Since 2019, we have had plenty of house cleaning teams in Adelaide.

That means that most of the time, we will be able to find a replacement for your house cleaning services, only needing a couple of days to make this change.

We nurture a great relationship with our cleaners and a culture of hard work and reliability. Make it Clean do its best to pay the highest hourly rate for our cleaners, and we are very picky when recruiting.

The result is that we have lovely people committed to helping you, with healthy communication with the management. Therefore, all the relevant details about how to clean your home, are saved on our CRM and it is in their schedule, allowing us to replace the cleaners and keep the quality at the same time.

Since day one, we’ve been taking this pandemic very seriously.

We implemented a policy where all the cleaners must be tested if they were at any hotspots or show any related symptoms, and we recommend that everyone gets vaccinated.

During the lockdowns, all our cleaning teams use masks, disposable gloves, and disinfect all doors and surfaces at no additional costs.

So far, just a few of our cleaners in Brisbane or our cleaners in Adelaide were infected, with the majority fully vaccinated.

Also, our customers are instructed to warn us if they develop any symptoms, or visit one of the hotspots, so we can reschedule their cleaning services for a better day.

Check the government website for more information about Covid.

Most definitely!

Even though our focus is to deliver house cleaning services in Adelaide, our teams are trained to also meet the end of lease cleaning requirements from your real estate agency or landlord.

We have a great relationship with lots of real estate agencies, and it is because of this relationship that we are sure to deliver the job as expected, helping you to get your bond back.

Do you know those details that they always complain about? Our teams are trained and guided to ensure that everything is done in our bond cleaning services. We reinforce to our cleaners you are moving out, and cleaning is the last thing your want to worry about.

Our bond cleaning teams are equipped with all they need to find the remove all the dust, marks and stains – and that’s why we are trusted by multiple agencies.

Along with the bond cleaning, we also offer carpet cleaning services in Adelaide, to refresh your carpets with a professional carpet cleaning service.

We specialize in domestic cleaning services, offering regular house cleaning, spring cleaning, bond or end of lease cleaning, carpet cleaning – and soon professional organizing.

All services are offered based on our director’s experience in the industry, and only after professional and detailed training is developed. This is how we can enable willing people to have a profession and a job with us.

Our company is happy to give back to the community all the support we’ve received once we started, not discriminating by age, gender or previous experience. Anyone willing to work hard and over-deliver is welcome to join us.

The knowledge and training are on us.